Colorado is a beautiful scenic state. It has varied landscapes and never-ending beauty. Colorado offers so much to experience and know about nature and wildlife. In this article, learn more about Colorado’s  facts, maps and picturesque attractions.

There are a lot of mountains and peaks in the state along with beautiful meadows, lakes, and cliff dwellings. Colorado is infamous for its hiking and biking trails. Moreover, every destination in the country offers more than one activity. Moreover, the climate of the state differs because of its land area.

A road trip on the highways of the state with scenic sites all around is a big thumbs up. Colorado is an unbeatable destination for nature lovers. Moreover, you can soak up in the sun of the beautiful meadows or climb fourteeners. Besides, the state also has accessible peaks so that an average person can also climb it and enjoy it at the summit. To sum it up, You should rethink your future vacation plans and add Colorado to your bucket list.

The Centennial State, Colorado

Colorado's Facts Maps and attractions
The state overview

Colorado is in the western region of the United States. Colorado is a Spanish word that means the color “red.” Moreover, Colorado is a mountain state because it is in the southern and western parts of the United States. It is the 48th state in the Union and added in 1876. Also, it is the 22nd populous state of the United States. However, Colorado has a diverse geography and vivid landscapes.

The state’s climate is rather complicated because of the mountain region. The mountains in the country significantly affect the environment. The state admitted after 100 years of independence. As a result, it has the nickname ” The Centennial State.” Despite being a mountainous terrain, Colorado only experiences minor earthquakes. Native Americans are living here for more than 13,000 years.

The Mile-High City, Denver

Colorado's Facts Maps and attractions
Overview of Denver

Denver is the capital of Colorado. Denver has some the colorful but short histories. Initially, no one lived in Denver, But then the gold rush caused a boom and the city was alive. This fascinating period is still active in historical museums of the city. The town is exactly one mile above sea level. Denver is a traditional and culture-oriented city. However, it has the 2nd highest educated residents. Denver offers some of the unique park systems in the United States.

Captivating Facts of Colorado

  1. It is illegal to throw snowballs on people and buildings.
  2. The state named after its reddish silt in Rio, Colorado.
  3. The name “cheeseburger” first invented in Denver.
  4. The world’s best-preserved sets of dinosaur tracks are in Picketwire Canyon.
  5. The state admitted after 100 years of independence.
  6. Fifty-six “fourteeners” are in Colorado.
  7. 62% of state voters rejected hosting Olympic.
  8. Nil Sine Numine.’ is the motto of the state.
  9. No U.S president or vice president is from Colorado.
  10. The skyscraping point in the Rocky Mountains is Mount Elbert 
  11. Colorado has varied landscapes and beauty.
  12. 13% of the energy generated from wind energy.
  13. The state has a Dinosaur-rich history.
  14. A teddy bear invented here.
  15. It is illegal to pick a Blue Columbine.
  16. Tire clamping device invented in Denver.
  17. Colorado Springs gets 300 days of sunshine a year.
  18. Colorado Springs is the sunniest place in the state.
  19. “America the Beautiful” was inspired by a climb up Pikes Peak.
  20. Frank J. Wisner invented root beer.

Colorado Flag

Colorado’s picturesque attractions (Things to do in Colorado)

Colorado has many eye-catching attractions to offer, and It is an unbeatable destination. You can never get over beautiful snow-capped mountains, lakes along with meadows and abundant wildlife. It is a perfect place for mountain biking and hiking because of the plentiful trails present in the state. here are some of the best things to do in Colorado.

Here are the top 10 fascinating attractions of Colorado:

10. The Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway
The Million Dollar Highway

You can experience a spectacular drive on the million-dollar highway. It is a 46-kilometer highway that hugs the mountains. There are jaw-dropping valleys and cliffs. It is a two-lane road. You can plan a long road trip to this destination, and it is worth seeing. But the trip should be prepared in good weather so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of this attraction.

9. Celestial Seasonings

celestial seasonings tea factory
Celestial seasonings tea factory

This destination is not only for tea lovers. The Celestial Seasonings tea factory offers a tour of their iconic factory. Moreover, they present the behind scenes of how tea is made and also show some unique attractions. Besides, You can spend some time in the tea shop or take a stroll outside the Celestial Cafe. The factory has a herb garden and art gallery as well.

8. Mountain Biking Trails near Fruita

Mountain Biking Trails near Fruita
Mountain Biking Trails near Fruita

For mountain bikers, Colorado is heaven packed with trails. The trail near Fruita is perfect for mountain biking because some other trails of Colorado are not always available due to the climate of that area does not allow it. You outstretch yourself on this trail and enjoy your biking experience. It is also one of the top-rated trails. Moreover, it is desert terrain and perfect for a long trip on your bike along with the mountains.

7. Mount Evans

The Mount Evan
The Mount Evan

Mount Evans is one of Colorado’s fourteeners, and the highest paved road extends to the summit. You can reach Mount Evan is less than two hours from Denver. No doubt, From the top of the mountain you can see all the wildlife and beautiful meadows. The area, so exposed that you can easily experience a close encounter with the wildlife, particularly bighorn sheep.

6. Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa verde cliff dwellings
The Mesa Verde cliff dwellings

Mesa Verde showcases mind-blowing cliff dwellings. Moreover, There are ruins of an ancient civilization. However, the centerpiece is the Cliff Palace with incredible cliff dwellings in the southwest of the entire park. During the summer high season Ranger-led tours are exciting. Mesa Verde National park also offers hiking trails that do not require a ranger tour. You can climb the ladder up to the heart of the dwellings.

5. Pike’s Peak in Pike National Forest

Pike National Forest
The Pike National Forest

Pikes Peak is one of the southwest fourteeners beers in Colorado. It is the second most visited mountain after Mount Fuji in Japan because it is very accessible rather than other peaks. You can even drive up the height. You can ski and snow bike on the trails of the Pike National Forest. Besides you can also take Peak Cog Railway for a scenic trip around Pike’s Peak in the Pike National Forest.

Also, explore these amazing states as well:

4. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountains
The Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain park is the most visited and most popular parks in the United States. The park showcases 100 peaks, forests, lakes, meadows, and much more. You can get to have a close encounter with abundant wildlife. The most popular activities at Rocky Mountain National Park are hiking, mountain biking, camping, and much more. Summer is the best season to visit Rocky Mountain, National Park.

3. Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods
The Garden of the Gods

Garden of Gods, National Natural Landmark is home to dramatic rocky formations. A fifteen miles trail is the easiest way to get to the top so you can see the scenic rocky mountains. The site is famous for rock climbing and mountain biking. Moreover, there is an on-site Cafe along with an exhibit center that showcases a 20-minute long geological video about the Garden of the Gods. To sum it up, This site truly displays surreal scenic sites and landscapes.

2. Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument
The Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is one of the most exciting places in Colorado. It is in the Northwest of the state with dramatic sceneries. The site preserves Colorado’s natural and cultural history. It is a very diverse park. Moreover, You can drive through beautiful scenery, and then you can go camping, rafting, fishing, etc.

The main attraction of the monument is the preserves of the Dinosaurs, and those once roamed on this earth. Besides, there are also remains of the old civilization which lived thousands of years ago. Dinosaurs skeleton encased in the stone walls of the Quarry exhibit hall and assembled frames of the dinosaurs as well.

1. Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
The Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness is natural heaven. It is so beautiful that you can not resist stepping out of your car into nature. Maroon Bells display fascinating rocky mountain scenery. Moreover, The area consists of lakes, meadows, six mountains, and trails to explore the terrain of the site. It is year-round destination, and you can enjoy it every season here. However, more suitable seasons are Fall and winter. You ski in the snow in winters and fishing or camping in the July to September fall season. In conclusion, Maroon Bells is a heavenly place with a lot of recreational activities.

Colorado’s Maps and Geography

The state, located in the heart of the rocky mountain, encompasses vast plains, rocky cliffs, mesas, desert canyons, mountainous terrains, and desert land. The climate of the state is rather complicated because of the massive land area with different terrains. here are some of the best Colorado maps from our collection.

Google Map of Colorado

Colorado Google mapPrintable Map of Colorado

Yes, you read it right, this is a Colorado printable map, for printing the map you can save this as a picture or directly print this map by opening it a new window.

Colorado printable map
Colorado printable map

Detailed Map of Colorado

Colorado detailed map.
Image Credit: Nations Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the Geography and maps of Colorado:

Names Description
Land area 103,717 sq mi. (268,627 sq km)
Number of counties  64
Resident population 5,456,574 (2015)
Geographic center  In Park Co.
Elevation 6,800 ft (2,070 m)
Average July temperature 55 °F (13 °C) to 90 °F (32 °C
Average January temperature  18 °F (−8 °C) to 48 °F (9 °C)
latitude  37°N to 41°N
longitude  102°02’48″W to 109°02’48″W
State forests 71,000 ac


Colorado has dramatic landscapes and beautiful scenic sites. It is heaven for mountain bikes and hiking lovers. Moreover, the state offers so much for its visitors and residents. No doubt Colorado is rich in natural and cultural beauty. Make Colorado your next destination to step into nature heaven. In this article, have a quick glimpse of Colorado’s Facts Maps and attractions.