Illinois is brimming with unusual activities, from the urban scene of the Breezy City to the more low-key attractions. There is far more to the Prairie State than individuals figure it out. In this article, you will get know more about Illinois facts, maps and attractions.

Make sure to evaluate these amazing activities, visit these places, and have an excellent time in this dazzling state. Also, at the point when the majority consider Illinois, the primary thing that strikes a chord is Chicago.

While Blustery City has a lot of attractions, remembering the tallest pinnacle for North America and one of the biggest familiar history exhibition halls in the nation. Hence, Illinois has so many wondrous attractions to admire.

Land of Lincoln, Illinois

Illinois Attractions
The Lincoln State

Illinois is in the green lakes region and midwest of the United States. Illinois maybe got amplified through the state’s primary job in the monetary and political existence of the nation. Wealthy in coal and oil holds and undeniably situated for the obtaining of crude materials and dissemination of completed merchandise. Illinois positions among the top states in the estimation of fares, rural salary, and worth included by assembling.

The country has the nickname “The land of Lincoln”, but it has also another nickname “The Prairie State”. This nickname was given to the country because of Prairie grass found in the country. The Prairie grass is among the most endangered ecosystem in the world. Also, Chicago is a national railroad centre point, the city’s O’Hare International Airport is among the world’s busiest airport.

The Capital City, Springfield

Springfield, Illinois
Springfield, Illinois

Springfield likewise flaunts natural life gardens, zoo, greenhouses, and the world’s biggest bells. The city has a populace of around 117,000. Once home to old Fair Abe himself and present home of the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Gallery and the Lincoln Tomb State Memorable Site, the Lincoln-Herndon Law Workplaces, etc.

Also, The soul of the “Land of Lincoln” is nowhere else so alive for what it’s worth in Springfield. Moreover, it has incredible cafés and is strategically in between St. Louis and Chicago. Springfield is known for the cosy corn (corn stick) and Horseshoe sandwiches. White Oaks Shopping centre, and to the forte shops in Springfield’s midtown historically significant area.

15 Astonishing Facts about Illinois

  1. Dixon is the childhood home of Ronald Reagan.
  2. The Illinois state dance is square dancing.
  3. A replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa stands in the town of Niles.
  4. The world’s largest cookie factory is in Chicago.
  5. Comedy showcase “Second City” was founded on North Wells Street in a former Chinese laundry.
  6. Plus, the ice cream sundae was invented in Evanston, Illinois.
  7. The Chicago River is one of the only rivers in the world that flows backwards.
  8. Morton, Illinois, is known as the “pumpkin capital of the world.”
  9. Illinois is known for its wide variety of weather. Major winter storms, deadly tornadoes and spectacular heat and cold waves.
  10. The Chicago River is dyed green on Saint Patrick’s Day.
  11. The tallest building in the U.S. is the Sears Tower in Chicago
  12. In 1905, president of the Chicago Cubs filed charges against a fan in the bleachers for catching a fly ball and keeping it.
  13. Springfield is the state capital and the home of the National Historic Site of the house of President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.
  14. The Prairie grass is among the most endangered ecosystem in the world.
  15. Carlyle is the home of the largest human-made lake in Illinois.

Flag of Illinois

Flag of Illinois
Illinois Flag

Illinois Remarkable Attractions

The state is a beautiful place to visit so, read about top sites in Illinois. Here we have top ten remarkable attractions in Illinois:

10- Willis Tower Skydeck

 Willis Tower Skydeck
The Willis Tower Skydeck

Willis Tower Skydeck, sightseers, can see up to 50 miles more than four states and Lake Michigan. The Skydeck remains at 1,353 feet over the ground on the 103rd floor, and the Edge’s glass floor reaches out from the side of the structure to offer more adventurous guests the chance to look straight down.

Another incredible spot where you can respect the city from above is 360 Chicago, situated in the John Hancock Building. Voyagers can appreciate the glass-walled perception deck or look at the one of a kind view from the “Tilt,” a glass nook.

9- Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago has aggregated a large assortment of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist work in its lasting variety, including artistic creations by such goliaths as Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, and Vincent van Gogh.

It additionally incorporates big canvases like American Gothic, the picture of a grave dad and little girl from the rustic open country. Edward Container’s famous Nighthawks painting is likewise here. Depicting a scene in a late-night coffee shop. The assortment is broad and loaded with treasures from all around the world. The Workmanship Establishment of Chicago.

8- Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park

In Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighbourhood, this zoo is allowed to general society. It is a licensed zoo that highlights polar bears, enormous felines, gorillas, monkeys, reptiles and the sky is the limit from there, with the Hancock building and Chicago’s notorious horizon as a background. The birds of prey display contains a vulture, a frigid owl and a bald eagle. There’s even a penguin house. Household animals are likewise in plain view in the Ranch in-the-Zoo, proposed to instruct urban kids on life in the more provincial territories.

Steeds, dairy animals and pigs can be found here. Probably the greatest fascination is the Lincoln Park Zoo, perhaps the most established zoo in the nation. It is home to a wide assortment of warm-blooded animals, fowls, creatures of land and water, and reptiles. Well, known occupants incorporate lemurs, two-toed sloths, African lions, polar bears, and a red panda.

7- Anderson Japanese Gardens

Anderson Japanese Gardens
The Anderson Japanese Gardens

Anderson Japanese Gardens, a 10-section of land Japanese nursery in Rockford, is a marvellous retreat with waterfalls, lakes, winding paths, a tea house, and visitor house worked in the authentic Sukiya style. It is an excellent spot to unwind and appreciate some quietness, with seats and cunningly structured regions for reflection and thought.

6- Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Historical centre offer an incredible open door for learning, about Abraham Lincoln, yet also about the historical backdrop of the territory of Illinois. The office was opened in 2004, yet the assortments have been a work in progress for well over a century. It is generally an examination office, containing numerous massive original copies and different materials, even though not the entirety of the assortment is in plain view to the general population.

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5- Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park
Starved Rock State Park

This state park, southwest of Chicago on the Illinois Waterway, is noted for its lovely ravines and cascades. Various climbing trails permit access to probably the most picturesque territories, and guided climbs are additionally accessible for sheltered and instructive climbing encounters.

Likewise, Starved Stone offers numerous recreational chances, remembering angling and drifting for the waterway, picnicking, horseback riding, outdoors, and winter sports. The name of recreation centre originates from gathering of Illiniois Indians, who were left by their foes to starve to death on one of the stones.

4- Shedd Aquarium

illinois attractions
Shedd Aquarium

The sea is in plain view at this “oceanarium,” which was the world-class saltwater aquarium of its sort to be in the U.S. It contains more than 1,500 types of fish, warm-blooded animals, coral and other marine life. The aquarium serves to train benefactors on the environment and science of conduits around the globe, including the Amazon Stream, the Caribbean Ocean, and the coral reefs of the Philippines.

3- Magnificent Mile in Chicago

Magnificent Mile in Chicago
Magnificent Mile in Chicago

The Magnificent Mile is the name presented to a renowned stretch of Michigan Road only north of the midtown zone, running in a north-south course. The most celebrated prominence on this road is without a doubt the John Hancock Tower, one of the essential structures in the Chicago horizon. A stroll down Chicago’s Mile, a part of Michigan Road, is an absolute necessity for guests in the blustery city. The shopping along here is the absolute best in Chicago, including ordinary stores to top of the line boutiques. There are likewise exhibition halls, cafés, lodgings, and other diversion alternatives along what local people call the Mag Mile.

2- Navy Pier

illinois attractions
Navy Pier

Naval force Dock is an incredible visitor site with a wide range of things to help engage individuals of all ages. Exhibition halls, cafés, shopping, films, and theatre are a portion of the alternatives accessible. Features incorporate the Ferris wheel, the Chicago Youngsters’ Historical centre, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and the Precious stone Nurseries, which offer a tropical retreat even on a winter’s day. Because of the open-air nature of a portion of the attractions, the best time to visit Naval force Wharf is in summer. However, there are a lot of things to see and do here year-round.

1- Millennium Park & Cloud Gate

illinois attractions
The Illinois top attraction, Millenium Park

Millennium Park is a piece of the lot more significant Grant Park. Also, it is among the main attractions of Illinois. Cloud Gate sits at the focal point of the recreation centre, with 110-ton cleaned steel design. Also, propelled by mercury, the curved surface mirrors reflect the Chicago horizon and the vacationers who stroll through its curve. Also, Millennium Park is additionally home to Crown Wellspring, a new present-day understanding of antiquated foreboding figures that utilisations anticipated pictures of Chicago residents.

Millennium Park is a gem on the coastline of Lake Michigan, insider savvy locale of Chicago. Its most acclaimed symbol is presumably “The Bean,” a goliath treated steel mould that is additionally known by its official name, Cloud Gate. The bends in the model are the main attraction for tourists. They turn and curve the well-known Chicago horizon from each point. It is one of the best attraction in Illinois.

Geography and Maps

Quite a bit of Illinois land is level, with sporadic fields in the western, northern, and southern segments. This zone once comprised a vast tallgrass prairie, substantially which was all changed over to farmland or urban sprawl. Also, because of its geographic position and its long north-south hub, Illinois encounters wide provincial varieties in temperature. Over the state, occasional temperature variety additionally is extraordinary, with cold, blanketed winters and sweltering summers. The unglaciated southernmost piece of the country is from multiple points of view, is unusual with the remainder of Illinois.

Moreover, Shawnee National Backwoods, the massive primary tract of governmentally directed land in Illinois, covers an extraordinary piece of this district. Moreover, southern Illinois comprises of delicately inclining, open slopes. Moving slopes in the northwestern corner incorporate the state’s most elevated point, Charles Hill, which is 1,235 feet above ocean level. The statewide standard height is around 600 feet.

Google Map of Illinois

Here we have a google map overview of Illinois. It is evident from map about the diversity of land in the state.

illinoise google map.
Illinois google map

Printable Map Of Illinois

Below is the Printable version of the Illinois county map for your ease. If you wish to print this you can simply right click and open it in new tab then press ctrl+P.

Illinois printable map
Illinois printable map

Detailed Map of Illinois

Following is the detailed map of Illinois for your better understanding of the land and geography of the state.

Illinois detailed map
Image credit: Nations Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the Geography of Illinois:

Names Description
Land Area 55,584 sq mi. (143,963 sq km)
Number of counties 102
Geographic centre In Logan Co.
Highest elevation 1,235 ft (376.4 m)
Population 12,859,995 (2015)
The largest county by population Cook, 5,227,992 (2012)
The largest county by area McLean, 1,184 sq mi.
Public use areas 186 (275,000 ac.)
Residents Illinoisan
Mean annual precipitation 34 inches (864 mm)


At the point when many people consider visiting Illinois, they picture Chicago, yet the state offers considerably more than merely the Breezy City. Also, from streaming cornfields to metropolitan urban areas to notable destinations and attractions. Illinois has each kind of fascinating attractions that tourists desire and admire for a perfect vacation.