Iowa is a beautiful state in the United States. No doubt it is a family-oriented state, with a lot of things to do, while enjoying yourself with your family. In this article, you will get to know more about interesting facts about Iowa, map descriptions of the state, and impressive attractions to visit in-state.

With notable villages, water parks, outdoor activities, and that are only the tip of the iceberg. Iowa has impressive attractions and it is a perfect destination for your next family vacation. There is no lack of water and entertainment meccas in the state or if you like to invest your energy outside doing anything else.

Iowa has one of a kind travel industry, authentic destinations and attractions, or outdoor activities. There are enough state parks to give you outside diversion for quite a long time, and when you are done, you can appreciate an outing to a winery or a day of shopping to relax.

The Hawkeye State, Iowa

Iowa attractions
Strawberry point

Iowa is in the midwest region of the United States. The state is known for famous individuals from the state. Iowa was named after the Iowa River. The country is the 26th biggest state in the United States. Also, Iowa is an Indian word signifying “one who puts to rest” or “wonderful land.” The state’s moniker is the “Hawkeye State,” after Dark Bird of prey, pioneer of an Indian clan, Who was migrated to Iowa after their endeavor to oppose white settlement failed. The abbreviation for Iowa is IA. Iowa was right around 75 years of age before the state flag was embraced by the Union. However, specialists don’t agree on how Iowa got its name. Some state that the name originates from the Ioway clan.

The Capital City, Des Moines

Iowa Attractions
Des Moines

The capital of Iowa has since quite a while ago had a notoriety for being one of the least hip, least intriguing, and least unique urban communities in the Western world. The capital city and central social points of Iowa are rejuvenated. An adaptable goal everybody will appreciate, Des Moines has a schedule for pretty much every interest. Also, unbeknownst to numerous outside the Midwest, in recent years Des Moines has changed into one of the most extravagant, generally dynamic, and, indeed, hip urban communities in the nation. Also, here the neighborhood expressions scene, pioneering new businesses, and built-up corporate bosses are on the whole flourishing.

15 Interesting Facts About Iowa You Need to Know

  1. The world’s most giant strawberry is in strawberry point, Iowa.
  2. The state is mostly made up of farmland, and it’s known for its many cornfields and plains.
  3. Crystal Lake is home to a statue of the world’s biggest bullhead fish. 
  4. Clarion is the central region seat in the specific focal point of the region. 
  5. In Iowa, there are a higher number of pigs than people. 
  6. In Iowa, the human population is around three million, and the hog population is 21.2 million!
  7. Iowa’s only fire tower is in Yellow River State Forest.
  8. Iowa is the primary state name that starts with two vowels. 
  9. You can also find the world’s most giant bullhead fish statue at Crystal Lake, Iowa.
  10. Bullhead fish statue at Crystal Lake is 12 feet long.
  11. The large strawberry in the world isn’t edible—it’s fibreglass.
  12.  The best thing since sliced bread is sure to be invented in Iowa since that’s also where sliced bread itself was created.
  13. Head to Iowa City to view the world’s most significant wooden nickel, which is also 14 foot across.
  14. The National Balloon Historical center in Indianola accounts for over 200 years of balloon history. 
  15. Sabula is Iowa’s just town on an island.

State Flag of Iowa

Flag of Iowa
Flag of Iowa

10 Top-Rated Tourists Attractions in Iowa

Many people consider Iowa one of those states they fly over or pass through on their way to the more energizing goal. In any case, there’s much more to this Midwestern state than cornfields and pigs. The top attractions in Iowa include picturesque areas, experience, and family fun which is ideal for any vacation.

10. National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Iowa attractions
National Mississippi River Museum

The National Mississippi Stream Exhibition hall and Aquarium is situated inside the Port of Dubuque and is the region’s most significant fascination. It means to take guests on an excursion along the Mississippi Waterway through unique aquariums, wetlands, a boatyard and chronicled displays. During your tour, you can direct a freight boat, visit William M. Dark, a famous steamboat on the National Memorable Register, and even draw near to live critters. Go for a stroll along the Woodward Nature river Trail and stop by the Pfohl Family Boatyard during your outing.

9. Iowa State Capitol

Iowa capitol building
Capitol building in Iowa

The Iowa State capitol centre is seen through pictures and recordings. This fascination is undoubtedly justified regardless of a visit face to face. Around the central arch are four littler, however similarly lovely vaults. Make sure to plan a visit, so you find the opportunity to ascend the winding advances and arrive at the highest point of the trunk for a nearby of its magnificence.

The Iowa State Legislative centre structure in Des Moines is considerably more than only a gold-domed image of the city, and it’s an entrance into Iowa’s history. Other than being the focal area for quite a bit of Iowa’s legislature, the State Legislative centre additionally remains as a fantastic showcase of engineering and plan. It highlights numerous verifiable antiques and intriguing Iowa displays that you can investigate on an independently directed visit.

8. Des Moines Art Center

Des Moines Art Center
Des Moines Art Center

The Des Moines Craftsmanship Center has been giving a set to local people and guests to appreciate artistry since 1948. The fee to the Des Moines Art Center is free. It highlights pivoting works of photography, figure, and painting, in addition to blended-media showcases and assortments going from Georgia O’Keefe to Edward Container. It is tough to tell why it will stay an indispensable fascination in Iowa for quite a long time to come. 

7. Amana Colonies

Amana Colonies
Amana Colonies

The Amana Settlements of Eastern Iowa involves seven towns that help guests into the past and from the buzzing about. The historical backdrop of the Amana States dates to the mid-nineteenth century when German Pietists initially broke soil area. The Amana States is comprised of seven towns and are famous among travellers who need to loosen up away from the buzzing about of their day by day lives. At the point when you visit the settlements, you will appreciate neighbourhood artistry, furniture, and nourishments. You can go through anyplace from a day to weeks in the Amana Settlements, letting it work splendidly with any Iowa get-away.

6. American Gothic House

Iowa attractions
American Gothic House in the Summer

Wood’s American Gothic portrays a farm and his better half outside of their single-story white home, has just established itself as one of the large center-pieces in plain view in the US. Also, the house that fills in the background of perfect work art is open for anybody to investigate or take a photo. Snatch a prop pitchfork and pause dramatically before the house-put on the map by Award Wood’s famous American Gothic painting.

You also want to know about these states:

5. Avenue of Flags

Avenue of Flags
Avenue of Flags

Brooklyn is known as “Iowa’s People group of Flags” so it’s nothing unexpected they have a Road of Flags. The presentation, lit all year, incorporates flags from every one of the 50 expresses, the Outfitted Administrations and uncommon interests, all-encompassing a tremendous US of America flag.

4. Blank Park Zoo

Blank Park Zoo
Blank Park Zoo

The Blank Park Zoo is in Des Moines, making it helpful for tourists to the city to visit. Youngsters and adults, the same will make the most of their time at the zoo, investigating shows of 1,484 creatures from around the globe, for example, Japanese macaques, otters, and snow panthers. There are even grown-ups for all ages, including the Zoo Blend on Wednesdays throughout the mid-year, which is ideal for adults who need to see the creatures with delightful mixes and no kids around. Head over to the Children Realm to allow your kids to associate with livestock, play in the play area, or go on a camel ride.

3. Lost Island Waterpark

Lost Island Waterpark
Lost Island Waterpark

If you are venturing out to Iowa with your family, at that point Lost Island Waterpark in Waterloo is an unquestionable fascinating destination. Lost Island Waterpark is the ideal spot to let your children chill, loosen up, and pass over some vitality before you take them to progressively notable sites. There are nine significant water slides and three significant attractions, including the Kailahi Waterway where you can drift calmly on a boat. Also, there are likewise specific regions ideal for adults and non-water exercises, for example, golf and go-karts, outside the recreation center. There is a slight rebate for purchasing your tickets on the web, so prepare.

2. Greater Des Moines Botanical Center

Greater Des Moines Botanical Center
Greater Des Moines Botanical Center

The prominent Des Moines Botanical Center is one more one of the top Iowa attractions that are in the capital city. With its area by downtown, the greenhouses allow you to escape with mild and tropical nurseries. Des Moines Botanical Center can give you tips on bringing nature into your home, or you can discover occasions and workshops concentrating on improving your cultivating abilities on your yard or grass. Visit the Amaryllis, Bonsai, Coleus and Plectranthus, Gesneriad, or Orchid Assortments or go to one of the numerous occasions that occur every month.

1. National Czech and Slovak Museum

National Czech and Slovak Museum
National Czech and Slovak Museum

The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids is a large institute dedicated to sharing the stories and culture of Czech and Slovak people. It also strives to help the public better understand their own freedoms and how history has led to our present point as a society. The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library meet these goals through its permanent exhibits, educational traveling displays, and plenty of special events for the whole family.

Geography and Map Description of Iowa

The state’s landscape and fertile soils are the results of the mainland ice sheets that occasionally secured the country during the Pleistocene Age (around 2,700,000 to 11,800 years back). The Illinoian ice sheet secured a little zone of southeastern and extraordinary eastern Iowa. In this manner, it occupied the Mississippi and made a valley along its western front that can even now be seen. Most of Iowa’s scene is delicately moving slopes or level fields. The state’s rise by and large increments from east-southeast to west-northwest.

Google Map of Iowa

Below we have a google map overview of Iowa. You can see the terrain of the land and the diversity of the state. So, Iowa is among the flattest states of the United States.

Google map of Iowa
Google Map of Iowa

Printable Map of Iowa

Here we have the printable map of Iowa for your ease. Also, if you wish to print this, you can right-click and open it in a new tab, then press ctrl+P.

printable map of Iowa
Printable Map of Iowa

Detailed Map of Iowa

Below is the detailed map of Iowa for your better understanding of the state road system and counties.

Iowa detailed map
Image credit: Nations Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the geography and maps of Iowa:

Names Description
Land area 55,869 sq mi. (144,701 sq km)
Number of Counties 99
Geographic centre In Story County,
Highest elevation 1,670 feet
The average altitude 40° 36′ N to 43° 30′ N
The largest county by population Polk, 444,009 (2014)
The largest county by area Kossuth, 973 sq mi.
State forests 10 (43,917 ac.)
State parks/recreation areas 84 (53,000 ac.)
Population 3,123,899 (2015)


Iowa might be small, but it has many exotic and wondrous attractions. Plan your next trip to Iowa and enjoy this family-oriented state. Iowa has many things to be proud of. Moreover, it is the nation’s top corn producer but is probably best known for its distinct Midwestern charm. There are so many attractions in Iowa that you can spend your whole summer at them.