Delaware is a small wonder according to the Natives and old residents. They named it The Diamond state because they believe that it is a jewel in the Union. It is a beautiful state, no doubt a beautiful country with a moderate climate. Delaware is not only a historic place, but it has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Coastline. In this article, read more about Delaware Facts Maps and Attractions.

Delaware is home to numerous authentic milestones and beautiful nurseries. The magnificence and history make this express a gem in the Union. It is additionally a critical condition of the United States since it was the primary state to sign the constitution of American freedom and join the Union before some other colonies.

Delaware may be small, but it is very rich in culture and history. Also, it very densely populated state and ranked 6th in the united nation. The state’s vacation spots are not all history and culture; the absolute best seashores on the Atlantic coast stretch nearly the whole length of the Delaware coast, giving summer play areas to inhabitants of Washington, D.C., Wilmington, and Philadelphia.

The Small Wonder, Delaware

(Delaware Facts, Maps, and Attractions)

Delaware Facts Maps and AttractionsDelaware is in the south region of the United States. It is the first state to join the Union. The country experiences a humid subtropical climate and has a moderate climate. The Atlantic Coastal plain affects the environment of the state. The Dutches were first to settle in the country of the United States.

Moreover, The name of the state comes from the Delaware River. The country is among the wealthiest nations of the United States and ranked 9th richest state. Delaware is full of historical landmarks and some of the most beautiful beaches. The country may be small, but it stores a lot of wonders inside it. No wonder the first residents of the state name it “The Diamond State”. Keep reading till the end to know more about Delaware facts maps and attractions.

Monster Mile, Dover

Delaware Facts Maps and Attractions
Dover, Delaware

Dover is the capital city of Delaware state, and it is also 2nd largest city in Delaware. Moreover, it is in Kent county. The system of the town is in elected Mayor’s control. The lifestyle of Dover is very down to earth and gives a suburban feel. Most of the residents of the Dover own their houses Dover has a very humid and hot climate. The city experiences hot summers and moderate winters with freezing nights.

Moreover, thunderstorms in summers are prevalent. The weather in spring is quite wet and rainy. Also, there are lots of parks in the city and teenagers or adults prefer to live in Dover.

Noteworthy Facts about Delaware

  1. The official state song is ” Our Delaware”.
  2. Delaware is also known as the land of liberty and ins
  3. Delaware was one of the original 13 colonies.
  4. The state is rich in history and has many ancient landmarks.
  5. The state has wealthy soil, and they grow lots of crops like corn, soya bean, etc.
  6. Delaware students set a record for the tallest lego tower.
  7. The second smaller city in the United States is Tiny.
  8. Thomas Jefferson named the state “The Diamond State”.
  9. The official bug of Delaware is a ladybug.
  10. State official flower is Peach Blossom.
  11. The internet speed in Delaware is very steady after South Korea
  12. The official state bird of Delaware is a blue hen.
  13. Buffering and slow internet is a myth in Delaware.
  14. Delaware is a tax-free state.
  15. Delaware is a farming and agricultural state.
  16. The state is bike-friendly and ranked third in the United state.
  17. Several Delaware state parks offer golf courses.
  18. Delaware is the densely populated state in the united state.
  19. The Bethany Beach firefly can only be, found in Delaware.
  20. The state has Bussines municipal corporation laws.
  21. Annie Jump Cannon, born in Dover, classified more than 224,000 stars.
  22. Delaware has the largest population of Horseshoe crab, and it is also the state’s official marine animal.
  23. Ryan Phillipe from the infamous movie “What you did last summer” is a resident of Delaware.
  24. The state is home to many fun and infamous festivals.
  25. Delaware is home to the first ever plant of Nylon, which is now famous worldwide used fiber.
Delaware Facts Maps and Attractions
Flag of Delaware.

Amazing Attractions of Delaware

Delaware is home to many historical landmarks and beautiful gardens. It has so much inside to see and admire. The beauty and history make this state a jewel in the Union. It is also a very significant state of the United States because it was the first state to sign the constitution of American independence and join the Union before any other colonies.

Delaware might be small – just Rhode Island is littler – yet it packs a great deal into a bit of space. Noteworthy homes date from the mid-1600s, and three homes that you can visit annal the rising fortunes of one of America’s wealthiest industrialist families. One of these, Winterthur, is currently America’s head gallery of enlivening expressions, and another extraordinary assortment isn’t far away, in Wilmington’s amazing Delaware Art Museum.

10. Nemours Mansion and Gardens

Nemours Mansion and Gardens
Nemours Mansion and Gardens

This beautiful Mansion is a gift from Alfred du Pont to his wife, Alicia. This beautiful home has 77 rooms and a massive garden outside the premises. The Garage of this gracious Mansion is home to a collection of vintage automobiles. You can take a walk through the garden and the premises of the Nemours Mansion and Garden to feel the cold and fresh breeze of the site.

9. Air Mobility Command Museum

Air Mobility Command Museum
Air Mobility Command Museum

The Air Mobility Museum is for Military airlift. Ever wonder where all the old aeroplanes go? The answer is the Air Mobility Command Museum. It is home to the most former Military aircraft, displayed for admirers to see and appreciate. This incredible Air Mobility Command Museum is in Dover Air Force Base. You can take a tour around the premises with knowledgeable staff.

8. Delaware’s Old State House

Delaware Facts Maps and Attractions
Delaware’s Old State House

The old Statehouse is in Dover, Kent county. It is a historical landmark, built-in 1792. However, it is a two-story building. Moreover, the old Statehouse has courtrooms and legislative chambers on its first floor. Also, early photography, artifacts, and other documents are on display for history admirers and seekers. It also has the Governor’s presentation and ceremonial office from the 18th century. The building is built, with red bricks and English style windows, which represents the old era of the constitution.

7. The Nanticoke Indian Museum

The Nanticoke Indian Museum
The Nanticoke Indian Museum

Nanticoke Indian Museum is the one Native American Museum in Delaware. The Delawareans are very proud of their heritage and openly welcome all the admirers to see and appreciate their significant attractions. This museum is a reminder of the Nanticoke Indians, with their artifacts, jewelry, and pottery on display. Moreover, you can glimpse in history by looking at them. This famous museum has a former name “Harmon School”. Also, the staff of the museum is very informative and provides every single detail about the Nanticoke Indian Museum.

6. Brandywine Creek State Park

Brandywine Creek State Park
Brandywine Creek State Park

The Brandywine Creek Park is in the north of Willimington, along with the Brandy Creek. Firstly it was a household of the Du Pont Family. Then it became a state park in 1965. The park is in a prime location and a favorite place for nature lovers. It is open all year round for nature lovers so that they can enjoy it in every season and weather. Biking trails and hiking trails are also present in the park. However, trails are not in excellent condition but still can be, used. You can enjoy peacefully and see old grown forests and freshwater marshes.

Also, explore these amazing states as well:

5. Delaware Art Museum

Delaware Art Museum
Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum is in Willimington. The museum is home to American art from the 18th and 19th centuries. The art museum also hosts a story hour every Friday. The museum has many ethereal, mystical etchings, paintings, and drawings of mythological and medieval chivalry scenes, and for the images of pirates for the novel Treasure Island. You can see the original works of Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, and other familiar illustrators. This art museum is home to so many beautiful arts and original works of famous artists. If you admire art, this place will satisfy your experience all in one place.

4. Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Delaware Facts Maps and Attractions
The Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Winterthur Museum and Gardens is currently America’s head gallery of enlivening expressions. Established by Henry Francis du Pont, Winterthur is unusual as a museum since it features his assortments of valuable collectibles and craftsmanship. Besides as a spot to utilize and to engage loved ones. The 174 rooms intended to be as generally precise as would be prudent, with classical furnishings, embroidery, materials, silver, glass, canvases, prints, and earthenware production suitable to specific periods. With almost 91,000 items to see. Yet, mount fantastic shows in the exhibitions to follow topics, for example, artistic mediums, methods, and embellishing styles and impacts. As a result, the house’s size, no visit covers more than little areas, and you can restore a few times to see everything. Winterthur Museum viewed as America’s best historical center of enriching art.

3. John Dickinson Plantation

John Dickinson Plantation.
John Dickinson, Plantation.

The plantation is not a happy place to enjoy, but they are reminders of slavery, racism and cruelty. However, it is open to the public as a Historical National museum. A wealthy tobacco planter family owned it. It is also First State National Historical Park. The John Dickson Plantation is in Willmington. Moreover, there are about 11,000 objects on display in the museum. You can stroll around the premises and interact with the informative staff.

2. Grand Opera House

Grand Opera House
Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House, otherwise called The Stupendous or Masonic Lobby is a great Theater. It is a 1,209-seat theatre for the performing expressions in Wilmington, Delaware, US. The four-story building was worked in 1871 by the Delaware Fantastic Cabin of Bricklayers to fill in as a Masonic Sanctuary and hall. Throughout the years, the Opera house has facilitated Victorian melodramas, vaudeville, vaudeville, theatrical presentations, melodic presentations, ensembles, and shows. Old style shows and moves are the focal points of today, and other stimulation openings introduced all year.

1. Rehobeth and Delaware Beaches

Delaware Facts Maps and Attractions
Rehobeth and Delaware Beaches

Extending a significant length of Delaware’s 28 miles of Atlantic coastline, its white-sand seashores are the prime fascination for people of the three significant urban areas inside end of the week. The significant hotel is Rehobeth, reliably recorded among the nation’s top seashores for its laid-back air, boutiques, cafés, and full stretch of white sand. Toward the south is an activity stuffed Dewey Seashore, at that point the Delaware Coastline State Park (with water access on the seaside and the sound side of a long hindrance island), at that point the family-accommodating Bethany Seashore and Fenwick Island. North of Rehobeth is Cape Henlopen State Park and the charmingly old-fashioned Lewes. There’s a seashore for everyone in Delaware.

Geography and Maps

The significant part of Delaware’s territory is level, averaging just 57 ft. Above ocean level. The main exemptions are the moving slopes of the Piedmont Level that spread the northern edges of the express; the state’s most noteworthy point situated there, ascending to 448 ft.

The Beachfront Plain covering quite a bit of Delaware is a low-lying stretch of land that fringes the Atlantic Sea. It’s roughly 2,300 miles in length, extending from focal New Jersey, south to Mexico’s Yucatan Landmass. The state’s eastern shorelines contain various narrows, tidal rivers, and bogs. Its southern outskirt with Delaware contains more than 31,000 sections of land of swampland. Sandy seashore fronts enormous stretches of the south Delaware Narrows and the Atlantic Sea coastline.

Google Map of Delaware

If we navigate through google map this will be the preview of the Delaware state map, a large portion of land is near the sea, so this state can be said to be a beach rich in terms of tourism and travel.

Google Map of DelawarePrintable Map of Delaware

If you need to print the map of Delaware state, then below is a print-friendly version of the map simply right click and open in new tab then press ctrl+P.

Delaware printable mapDetailed Map of Delaware

Some details such as city names in Delaware state are mentioned in the below version of the map. neighbor states are Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The right side of the Delaware state map is Delaware Bay. That’s the reason a large number of this state has amazing beaches.

Delaware Detailed map
Image credit: Nations Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the Geography and maps of Delaware:

Names Description
Land area 1,954 sq mi. (5,161 km2)
Delaware Population 853,476 (2006 estimate)
elevation 450 feet (140 m)
Area rank 49th
Lowest elevation 0 ft (0 m) the Atlantic Ocean
The monthly mean temperature in January 35.2 °F (1.8 °C)
The monthly mean temperature in July 77.7 °F (25.4 °C)
Number of counties 3
Geographic center In Kent Co.
Forests 15,000 ac


In Conclusion, this diamond state is worth paying a visit. It has such a significant amount inside to see and respect. Moreover, the state is very rich in culture and heritage. It is a beautiful state, no doubt a beautiful country with a moderate climate. Also, Delaware is a jewel in the United States.