Here you can find everything about Alabama facts, maps, and significant attractions if you are searching for a historical place to visit. It is an exotic place for all ages. It is rich in culture yet developed. Thus, it is a perfect destination for your next vacation.

Alabama is cheaper to live in, and it rarely snowfalls here. Moreover, the summer of Alabama is the preferable season for tourism. Alabama is also very famous for its incest laws, such as you can marry your first cousin. Moreover, it has the most amended state constitution in the world. Alabama is in the United States, which is the most dangerous tornado area. Huntsville, Alabama, is a top-rated tornado city.

Being rich in history and culture, it is also full of nature as well. Science and technology are also an attraction for a lot of tourists in Alabama. So, in this article, you will learn about Alabama’s facts and maps along with its major attractions.

Alabama, The Heart of Dixie

Alabama's facts maps and major attractions.
The state of Alabama

Alabama is a state in the south-eastern region of the United States; it became a territory in 1817 and, on March 3, entered the union as 22nd state in 1819. The Spanish discovered Alabama state in 1540. The word Alabama, derived from two words, Choctaw words “Alba” and “Amo,” means gatherer or picker. It also has a nickname called “yellowhammer state,” for instance, given after its state bird “yellowhammer.” Likewise, it also has more nicknames like “cotton state” and “heart of dixie” — Alabama’s capital is Montgomery.

The official insect of the state is “The Monarch butterfly.” Its state tree is southern-long leaf pine, and the state flower is camelia — the most industrialized city of Alabama in Birmingham. It is the most populated city in the state. The largest city in the country is Huntsville. The oldest city is Mobile, which was founded by the French colonist in 1702. The principal towns of Alabama are Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery.

Alabama Capital, Montgomery

Capital city Montgomery, Alabama's facts, maps and attractions.
The Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery is the capital city and the county seat of Montgomery county. Montgomery was declared as the capital of Alabama in 1846. It is located beside the Alabama River and on the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico. It is an industrialized city that is a prime market center for lumber and agricultural goods, especially livestock and dairy. Maxwell air force base is also in Montgomery.

Montgomery is also known for its historical landmarks and culture, like Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, Alabama State Capitol Confederacy, Hank Williams Memorial, Alabama Shakespeare Theatre, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Civil Rights Memorials of Montgomery, etc. This city is so rich in history, but it is focused on the future and rising with time. Moreover, in this article, you will read all the facts and maps about Alabama in detail.

25 Impressive Facts About Alabama

  1. Explorer 1 was the 1st successful United states satellite.
  2. The world’s 1st Electric Trolley System started in Montgomery, Alabama.
  3. The substantial Iron cast statue, Vulcan statue, is in Birmingham, Alabama.
  4. Vulcan statue is also known as the city of symbol for Birmingham city.
  5. Alabama has primary natural resources to make iron.
  6. The star blue quartz is Alabama’s official gemstone.
  7.  Birmingham is a large city in the state.
  8. The oldest county in Alabama is Washington county.
  9. Winston county gained the name of the Free State of Winston during the civil war.
  10. The pecan is an official nut for the state.
  11. Alabama’s official state song is “Alabama.”
  12. Alabama is cheaper to live in as compared to other states of the United States.
  13. Forbes is the wealthiest person in Alabama.
  14. Jefferson County is the wealthiest county in the state.
  15. The official beverage of Alabama is Conecuh Ridge Whiskey.
  16. Alabama has the most significant state constitution.
  17. The world’s most massive office chair in Alabama weighs 10 tons of steel.
  18. Magnolia Springs is the only city with an all-water mail route in the United States.
  19.  It’s illegal to play dominoes on the weekends in Alabama.
  20. Alabama was the first to declare Christmas a legal holiday in the united state in 1836.
  21. Significant industries in Alabama are automotive, chemicals, aerospace, and forestry.
  22. The famous baseball player from Alabama is Henry Louis Aaron.
  23. Alabama is home to 43% of all snails of the united states.
  24. Huntsville is also known as Rocket city of the USA because of its rocket-building facility.
  25. World’s largest office chair is in Anniston, Alabama.

Flag of Albama

Alabama Flag (Alabama's facts maps and major attractions.)
The Alabama State Flag

10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Alabama

Alabama has a lot of attractions for all ages. A handful of Alabama cities is home to major civil rights monuments, historic sites, museums like Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Selma’s Voting Rights Museum, etc. It is also home to sandy beaches, nature reserves, and state parks. Hence you can explore science and technology at McWane Science Center and Huntsville’s U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

Here are the top 10 Alabama’s attractions that must be on your vacations bucket list:

10. McWane Science Center 

McWane Science Center
The McWane Science Center

McWane Science Center is a research and science museum. A big draw for science lovers and the most eye-catching elements in Mcwane science center is precious minerals, Native American artifacts, and fossils, including the world’s fourth-largest collection of mosasaurs and the appalachiosaurus similar to Tyrannosaurus and the basilosaurus centroids, an 80-foot (24 m) fossil whale of state of Alabama.

It has 5000+ items transferred from its former Red Mountain Museum. Why adults have all the fun? Mcwane science center has a lot of fun stored for children as well. Itty bitty magic city exhibit has a water play area, a climbing structure, and a place precisely for toddlers. It helps children to develop an interest in science and technology.

9. Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham

Civil Rights Institute. Birmingham
Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham

The civil rights institute presents a comprehensive look at the historical events from the 1960s in Birmingham and the united states. However, it has a remembrance of many activities, such as the bombing of the sixteenth street baptist church. Birmingham, civil rights institute, is situated at the sixteenth street and sixth avenue in the north.

8. USS Alabama Memorial Park

uss alabama battleship memorial park
The U.S. S Alabama battleship memorial park

From the name of it, you can guess that the park is about a mighty battleship. Moreover, the ship is sitting at the waterfront of the memorial park since 1942. The battleship’s name is “mighty A.” The military dismantled the ship after the second world war, but tourists can visit many parts like a mess hall, captain’s cabin, bridge, etc. This park is also a home for submarine used in the second world war. You can find a variety of artifacts there and a blackbird spy plane, military equipment, etc.

7. The Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay, Alabama
The Mobile Bay

Who does not love a sandy beach to relax on and if it includes historical places too. The mobile bay is a picturesque sight of the Alabama coastline, and it is 50km (31 miles) long, and it is the most visited beach in the state. Being a well-liked beach in Alabama, this beautiful island also has many things to see and admire the beauty of nature like Fairhope Pier, historic Fort Gaines, etc.

This place is ideal for couples, family gatherings, independent travelers, and tourists. It is also very famous for being the lines of the American civil war. You can find yourself a perfect accommodation in a small town called Dauphin island.

6. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Motorsport and car lover, George Baber’s collection consists of more than 1400 motorcycles and rare and coveted cars, sitting in his museum from 1995. Moreover, these models showcased in the museum are unique and old as they go back to the machinery age. His several motorbikes are given as a loan to the Guggenheim Museum in Newyork for an exhibit called “Art of the Motorcycles,” It is an ideal place for vintage fanatics.

You might also interested in:

5. W.C. Handy Home and Museum

W.C Handy home and museum
Late W.C Handy home and museum

W.C Handy, the father of blues, is an influential musician; likewise, he is among the most dominant composers in the U.S. He was born in Florence, Alabama. His beautiful log cabin, where he was born and lived the rest of the life, is now a museum in his remembrance. A variety of musical instruments are on display, including his trumpet and piano. Among his most famous songs were Yellow dog blues, Beale Street blues, snakey, etc.

4. Civil Rights Memorials of Montgomery

Civil Rights Memorial
Civil Rights Memorial of Montgomery

The civil rights memorial of Montgomery is a memorial for 41 people. They struggled and eliminated discrimination between people. They wanted equal treatment of all people regardless of their race, caste or creed. The Southern poverty law center sponsors this memorial. The exquisite black granite sculpture recalls the lost ones and those who struggled for justice until their last breath.

Moreover, this the undeniable proof of their bravery and struggle for justice. In my opinion, “The wall of tolerance” is the star attraction of the museum. Every individual writes their names who vows to stand against injustice, hate, and discrimination.

3. Adventureland Theme Park Miniature, Dothan

Adventure land theme park
The Adventure land theme park

Adventureland theme park is an attraction for children and millennials altogether. Being an family-oriented place, it catches the attraction of families and tourists in search of some battling cages or bumper boats, and it is not pricey at all, and you can have all the fun without even breaking your bank. Moreover, virtual sleigh rides are also available in the park all year despite any season.

2. Birmingham Museum of Art

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham museum of art, founded in 1951, has the most elegant collection of art. Moreover, the Museum of Art contains more than 24,000 paintings as well as drawings and sculptures. The museum has a diverse variety of decorative art that represents different cultures, including African, American, Asian, etc. Besides, it is the most comprehensive art in the south-east. It is in the heart of the city’s cultural district, and Birmingham owns it.

The European art section has the most substantial part of the permanent collection, including Pissaro and Van Rijn’s works. This museum has decorative art and sculptures from the 13th century to 1750 and 18th-century European decorative art. Moreover, the architects Warren, Knight, and Davis designed the building of the museum. The art in the museum consists of silverware, porcelain, and furniture. Similarly, the museum also hosts exhibits featuring different themes.

1. US Space And Rocket Centre

US Space and Rocket center
U.S Space and Rocket center

The U.S. space and rocket center are in Huntsville. The U.S. space and rocket center is a government-operated museum with all the achievements, artifacts, and mighty rockets. You can explore the history of space exploration and get your hands on special exhibits. To sum it up, if you are a big science lover, you can also get a membership to receive great benefits.

Alabama’s Geography and Maps

Alabama is the thirtieth most extensive state in the united state with 52,419 sq mi (135,760 sq km) of total area, whereas 3.2% area is water, which makes Alabama 23rd in amount surface and giving it the 2nd largest inland waterway system in the United States. Furthermore, the state shares border with Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico in the south, and Mississippi to the west. Moreover, Alabama is the 30th largest by area and 24th most populous of the United States. Alabama has six ecoregions:

  1. Southeastern Plains.
  2. Piedmont.
  3. Ridge and Valley.
  4. Southwestern Appalachians.
  5. Interior Plateau.
  6. Southern Coastal Plain.

Along with the border of the state, in the north, eastern region lands are mountainous whereas, in the west, central and southwestern regions, the area is covered with greenery. Alabama is home to various underground caves. Alabama has navigable rivers spread to 1350 miles and a coastline with the Gulf of Mexico.

Google Map of Alabama

Here we have an authentic overview of the Alabama google map for your ease. Alabama is a big state and has many historical landmarks.

Google map of Alabama
Google map of Alabama

Printable Map of Alabama

Following is the printable map of Alabama. If you wish to print this map, you can open it in a new tab and press ctrl+P.

printable Alabama county map
Printable Map of Alabama

Detailed Map of Alabama

Moreover, below is the detailed map of Alabama for your better understanding of Alabama counties and cities.

Detailed Map of Alabama
Image credit: Nations Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the geography and maps of Alabama:

Names Description
Land area 52,419 square miles (135,760 km2)
Water surface 3.2% of the area
Forests 22 million acres (89,000 km2)
Average annual temperature 64 °F (18 °C)
Average rainfall 56 inches (1,400 mm)
Average low temperatures  40 °F (4 °C)
Average high temperatures 90 °F (32 °C)
Elevation from sea level over 1,800 feet (550 m)
Highest point Mount Cheaha, 2,413 ft (735 m)
Alabama’s greatest natural disaster A 1,000-foot (300 m)-wide meteorite hit the land about 80 million years ago.


In conclusion, Alabama is an exotic place for all ages, and you can explore it as much you want, and you will never get over its beauty as well as its uniqueness. Moreover, make Alabama your next destination, and I hope now you know more about facts, maps, and major attractions in Alabama.