Indiana is one of the most adaptable and energizing spots. It’s challenging to be exhausted here for sure. Indiana has everything from the memorable sight-seeing balloon rides to deep, most prominent, and longest water napkins on the planet. In this article, you will get to know more about the Indiana map along with facts and mesmerizing attractions.

Indiana is expensive than the U.S. in other states. An average cost for essential items file over 100 means, Indiana is increasingly costly. Also, Indianapolis water is safe to drink, yet that doesn’t mean it tastes great. Indiana may not be famous for its food. However, a bunch of dishes is perceived as state classics.

The state’s feature is its capital, Indianapolis, where you will locate the most galleries and seasons. However, do not hesitate to wander outside of the city to get some outside air and appreciate the natural magnificence of Indiana.

The Hoosier State, Indiana

Indiana team building
Indiana team building

Indiana is the 17th largest state in the Union. Also, Its capital has been Indianapolis since 1825. Like other Midwest states, Indiana has an exceptionally long archaeological record. With a name that is by and broad idea to signify “Land of Indians.” Indiana admitted on December 11, 1816, as the nineteenth state of the Union.

The state official nickname is “The Hoosier State,” but the main difficulty is that no one comprehends what precisely a Hoosier is. The beginning of the word is a secret that researchers have been attempting to fathom for over a century. Also, Indiana has a profound game’s inheritance. The Indiana Hoosiers are a high-performing school b-ball group with a committed fanbase.

The Capital City, Indianapolis

Indiana facts
The Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a city perceived with a tranquil, Midwestern straightforwardness. Indianapolis is only a small amount of Chicago’s populace of almost 3,000,000. However, its broadness traverses a lot more extensively. It’s the thirteenth most prominent city in the U.S., yet something about it has never fully felt like a city. Its capital has been Indianapolis since 1825.

Indianapolis is an excellent spot to visit. With such a significant number of activities, Indianapolis permits its inhabitants to encounter huge city living without an excessive amount of exertion. Indianapolis is safe to live and for tourism. However, there are still a few regions and places you should maintain a strategic distance from while staying there, similar to any big city.

20 Noteworthy Facts About Indiana Everyone Should Know

  1. The North pole doesn’t get any letters for Santa Clause, but Indiana does.
  2. Strangely, in Indiana, mustaches are illegal as long as the carrier of beards has an upsetting fixation toward kissing individuals.
  3. 25% of the U.S. popcorn supply originates from Indiana.
  4. There is a street in Harmony, with a gravesite directly in its center.
  5. The universally adored animation feline Garfield discovered his first home in Indiana.
  6. In 1995, the deadliest tornado in U.S. history struck Indiana.
  7. There are 32 covered bridges in the Parke Region.
  8. We wouldn’t be able to pump gas into our vehicles if not for Sylvanus F. He was the innovator of the world’s first genuine gas pump.
  9. The central city in the U.S. to utilize electric road lights was Wabash, Indiana.
  10. The first goldfish farm existed in Martinsville, IN.
  11. Consistent with its motto, “Crossroads of America,” Indiana has more miles of Interstate.
  12. The world’s most giant Christmas tree is in Indianapolis. The enormous tree is known as the circle of Lights.
  13. Schools opened up to the world first here in Indiana, even though the underlying arrangements failed.
  14. Walt Disney may have Mickey Mouse. However, Indiana had amusement parks before any Disneyland in California.
  15. Those good Raggedy Ann dolls could never be if not for Marcella Gruelle of Indianapolis.
  16. Indiana is a Great Lakes State.
  17. There is a town called Santa Clause, Indiana!
  18. During World War, Indiana was especially significant in helping slaves getaway to freedom.
  19. 90% of the world’s popcorn originates from Indiana.
  20. Just 320 individuals lived in the town, yet near 100,000 appeared at watching the lantern of the lights.

Flag of Indiana

Indiana state flag
Indiana state flag

Breathtaking Attractions in Indiana You’ll Love to See

If you planning a vacation or short tour with family and friends, then do visit this  Hoosier state. You will discover many astonishing places here and see the history from a close-up. So, do not leave Indiana without checking off these top ten attractions and add them to your bucket list. To sum it up, here are the top ten breathtaking attractions of Indiana you will love to see with your family and friends.

10. Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium
Lucas Oil Stadium

The Lucas Oil Stadium is home to the Indianapolis Colts, where will undoubtedly encounter football at its best. You can likewise appreciate the arena visits where you get a look in the background and look at everything that the stadium brings to the table. These visits will take you to the playing field, the storage spaces, the press box, and a few different regions of intrigue. Furthermore, if you love sports, then this place is perfect for you.

9. First Christian Church

First Christian Church
First Christian church

The Christian Church in Columbus was structured by Eliel Saarinen and finished in 1942. It has a non-conventional look, with rectangular shapes and a rectangular pinnacle, which stands 160 feet high. All individuals from general society are urged to look at the standard administrations facilitated by the congregation. Also, this strict foundation furnishes various approaches to interface with the encompassing network. It is to be one of the principal places of worship in the U.S. worked in such a contemporary style. The materials, outside and inside, are, for the most part, buff block and limestone.

8. Prophetstown State Park

Indiana prophetstown statepark
Indiana Prophetstown state park

Prophetstown is another addition to the Indiana State Park framework and highlights numerous approaches to connect with the earth. The William Conner home is nearby, and this is presently recorded on the National Register of Noteworthy Spots. There are many exercises, displays, and a lot of fun here for grown-ups, kids, and families to appreciate. Moreover, your time here will be remarkable and energizing. This fascination gives the ideal way to step back in time and see what life resembled in each of those decades prior.

7. Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave
Marengo Cave

The Marengo Cave National Landmark in Indiana is a fascinating attraction that has provided tours for more than 130 years. You will find the inside of the cave breathtaking as you take in the rock formations and enjoy the walking tours offered here. There are two virtual walking tours on offer, including the forty-minute Crystal Palace tour and the sixty-minute Dripstone Trail. You can also enjoy various other activities such as gemstone mining, the cave simulator, and even water activities at the river just by the cave.

6. Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument has become to be one of the most perceived tourist spots in America. You can likewise get a 360-degree perspective on the city from its perception level, 275 feet in the air. Also, it serves to celebrate the Hoosiers who served during the Progressive War of 1812. You can investigate various fine arts worked in the landmark and bring home some beautiful tokens from the blessing shop.

You might also want to know about the following states:

5. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is where you can be a part of the activity through the hustling experience. It fits for the Hustling Capital of the World to be home to significant, esteemed dashing occasions. Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and join the Indy Dashing Experience Driving Project. You will get the opportunity to learn and feel what it resembles to drive a simple IndyCar form on the real tracks. While you are here, make a plan to visit the Corridor of the Notoriety Exhibition hall to investigate kind memorabilia from past races, photographs, just as vehicle shows.

4. White River State Park

White River State Park
The White River State Park

In Indianapolis, White Waterway State Park is where you will discover general excellence, energizing attractions, and many exercises readily available. You will discover something for all ages and inclinations at this site, including the Indiana State Exhibition hall, Indianapolis Zoo, Western Craftsmanship, etc., among others. You can likewise appreciate nature in the numerous sections of land of green area. Also, you can even investigate the recreation center by bicycle, boat, or segway. With so much to do, you will have the option to appreciate a full and energizing day of differing diversion at the park.

3. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

The Fortress Wayne Zoo urges sightseers and occupants to encounter grant-winning creature displays. Spread all through particular biological systems traversing the African Serengeti to an Indonesian rainforest. Many creatures at the zoo incorporate Amur panthers, Tasmanian villains, red pandas, and Komodo mythical serpents. Enormous scale remodels to the Youngsters’ Zoo have been very well known and have given it the national acknowledgment it gets today.

2. Holiday World & Splashing Safari

Holiday World & Splashing Safari
Holiday World & Splashing Safari

Not many parks offer both of you fun attractions in a single extraordinary spot. Appreciate some exciting and memorable rides at Holiday World, for example, freedom rides, the seething rapids, and the scarecrow scrambler. If you need an enjoyable water experience, look at the exhilarating slides and wave pools at Splashing Safari.

1. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

A vast and wondrous spot the entire family can appreciate. As the biggest kids’ historical center on the planet, the wide range of shows and hands-on science shows ranging from the dinosaurs’ hour to space travelers living onboard the Global Space Station. Allow your kids to investigate and meander the energizing universe of Indianapolis Kids’ Historical center. Here they can find out about the Jurassic Period at the Dinosphere display, watch a show about planets and stars at SpaceQuest, and mess around with tests at the historical center’s Science Works display.

Geography and Map of Indiana

The vast majority of the state’s surface was adjusted by the ice age, leaving a considerable amount of superb soil material and general stores of sand, rock, cold till, and loess. The more-disintegrated southern piece of the state offers a route to the central plain. Also, a very fruitful agrarian belt with vast ranches, and afterward to the most part level icy lake bowl and moraine district of northern Indiana. Indiana has four particular seasons and a mild atmosphere, ordinarily getting away from cold and warm boundaries. Moreover, Indiana frames some portion of the east-central swamps that slant descending from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River.

Google Map of Indiana

Below we have a google map overview of Indiana. By looking at the google map, you can tell how the state is connected. Indiana has a diverse geography, and it is among the best places to visit.

Google map of Indiana
Google Map of Indiana

Printable Map of Indiana

Here we have the printable map of Indiana for your ease. If you wish to print this, you can right-click and open it in a new tab, then press ctrl+P.

Indiana Printable Map
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Detailed Map of Indiana

Below is the detailed map of Indiana for your better understanding of the state road system and counties.

Detailed map of Indiana
Image credit: Nations Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the geography and map of Indiana:

Names Description
Land area 35,867 sq mi. (92,896 km2)
Population 872,680 (2017)
Geographic center In Boone Co.
Number of counties  92
Highest elevation  One thousand two hundred fifty-seven feet (383 m) above sea level.
The average altitude 760 feet (230 m) above sea level
The largest county by population Marion, 918,887 (2014)
The largest county by area Allen, 657 sq mi.
State historic sites 17 (2,007 ac.)
State parks/recreation areas 23 (56,409 ac.)


As the crossroads of America, it is anything but difficult to find a workable pace. Once you do, you’ll be engaged for a considerable period. Moreover, there’s such a significant amount to discover. It can be a little overwhelming. Also, Indiana is one of the most versatile and wondrous places to visit. Moreover, the state offers beautiful and rowdy encounters you won’t discover anywhere else in the world. In conclusion, book your next vacation for Indiana and learn interesting facts about Indiana.