Maine is only a short drive from Canada and has the most remote east and most distant northlands in the United States. Few states have guaranteed the same number of notable surveys as Maine. In this article, get to know more about Maine facts, map,s and attractions.

Maine has a long history as a get-away hotspot. The seaside state’s pioneer past has left enchanting cobblestone and block towns, while miles of sandy seashores and rough bluffs are as well known with voyagers as its Western mountains are with skiers looking for the best slants in the Northeast.

Tourists appreciate going out into the water, climbing through mountains, or going skiing at a world-class resort. You can likewise discover the entirety of the social exercises you need with historical centers, orchestras, and theatre. The vast majority realize the Pine Tree State or Vacationland for its picturesque characteristic magnificence, with rough coastlines, overwhelming woodlands, and moving mountains. 

The Pine Tree State, Maine

Maine facts
Maine, US

Maine is in the northeastern region of the United States. It is a rocky land along the coastline. Maine is the 23rd state in the Union. The Algonquian-talking people groups occupying the district called it “Frozen Land”. Also, there are two speculations of the deduction of the state’s English name. Firstly, it was the previous French region of Maine. Secondly, it was so-called for being the “terrain,” rather than the waterfront islands.

With practically 89% of its territory forested, Maine diverts out wood items from vessels to toothpicks. Maine produces 98% of the country’s low-hedge blueberries. Also, the state is one of the world’s biggest mash paper makers. Maine likewise drives the world in the generation of the recognizable level tins of sardines, delivering more than 75 million of them yearly. A grand seacoast, mountains, lakes, etc. make Maine a well-known vacationland.

The Capital City, Augusta

Augusta Maine
Augusta, Maine

Augusta is the capital city of Maine. It is likewise America’s easternmost capital city. Augusta has a humid continental climate. Initially, an English exchanging post on the Kennebec River, Augusta has since become the capital of Maine and is centered around protecting and commending the state’s history.

Augusta is outstanding for the National Historic Landmark named Fort Western, a previous British pilgrim station on the Kennebec River that today is the most seasoned wooden post in the United States. Also in Augusta, summers are ordinarily warm, stormy, and moist. Moreover, the winters are cold, breezy, and frigid. Spring and fall are typically gentle. However, conditions generally fluctuate, depending on wind direction and jet stream positioning.

Most Surprising Facts About Maine

  1. Eastport, Maine is the first spot in the United States to get morning sunshine.
  2. Maine is the central state in the nation with a one-syllable name.
  3. About 90% of the nation’s lobster supply is from the shoreline of Maine.
  4. The state likewise delivers 99% of the considerable number of blueberries in the U.S.
  5. The state produces 90% of the nation’s toothpick supply.
  6. The bumblebee is the official state insect.
  7. Maine’s official state animal is the moose.
  8. Maine has its desert, which traverses 40 sections of land outside the town of Freeport.
  9. Maine lobsters have won a universal reputation for their flavor and commitment to the culinary world.
  10. The chickadee is the official state fledgling.
  11. Maine lies more remote upper east than some other state.
  12. Even though Maine has a few notable craftsmanship historical centers, it’s likewise home to a couple of exhibition halls that are increasingly one of a kind.
  13. Maine is known for its freezing winters and is one of the ten coldest states in the country.
  14. The individuals of Maine pay attention to lobsters along these lines, the University of Maine even has its own Lobster Institute.

State Flag of Maine

Maine facts
Flag of Maine

Astounding Attractions in Maine You Should Visit

Ocean searchers or beginner students of history will discover bounty to do, however here’s a rundown of our preferred attractions to assist you with focusing on your time. The extraordinary thing about Maine is that it doesn’t baffle sightseers who land with these silly pictures in mind. Here are the top 10 amazing attractions in Maine you should see:

10. Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light

For the individuals who are keen on investigating history in Maine, it is well worth including Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth on your schedule. Situated by Portland Harbor, this is a noteworthy beacon that goes back to the late 1700s and is presently the most seasoned in the state.

9. Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor
The Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor was previously a delivery port, yet today it is essentially a mainstream summer resort, particularly with vessel proprietors. It has the biggest drifting harbor north of Boston, and alongside personal yachts. It is a homeport for working lobster boats and an assortment of journey vessels. A well-known goal among guests searching for diversion, unwinding, and experience. Boothbay Harbor in Maine has bounty to offer. Notwithstanding its alluring area, this is a spot that likewise flaunts a rich history making it an intriguing spot to explore.

8. Desert of Maine

Desert of Maine
Desert of Maine

Ice sheets left their imprint by keeping a large sandbox in Freeport, Maine. Revealed after ages of poor cultivating rehearses, the Desert of Maine developed as the vegetation subsided, leaving an exposed fix of residue behind. This peculiarity is currently a vacation spot, a one of a kind distortion. The amazing fact is Maine gets an excess of the downpour to have a natural desert. That’s why it draws a huge number of tourists consistently.

7. Old Orchard Beach


Old Orchard Beach delights into some degree tasteless honky-tonk air of its dock and rush rides at New England’s just staying full-scale event congregation on a seashore. So, kick off your shoes, step over into mid-century summer fun, and enjoy a little sentimentality. Old is gold! The Old Orchard Beach in Maine is one of the most ethereal destinations on this side of the country.

During the mid-year, travelers run to this area for all the sand between their toes, sun in the sky fun you can envision. It is extraordinarily well-known for its simple, inviting network that grasps the surge of the travel industry while as yet making their city warm. Late spring achieves plenty of chilly climate escapes, originating from Canada and all around the globe! The seashores here are something to dream about.

6. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake
Moosehead Lake

The state’s biggest lake is a progression of inlets and protected narrows ideal for anybody searching for a rural asylum. Moosehead is well-known for its virus water (scandalous, in case you’re swimming) making it an ideal angling goal. Situated toward the north, Moosehead is more than 40 miles in length and covers somewhere in the range of 75,000 sections of land. Inside are delightful vistas, mysterious, untamed life (beavers, nut cases, and moose) in addition to a lot of shorelines.

You might also want to know about the following states:

5. Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island
The Monhegan Island

Monhegan is a little island that lies 10 miles off the shoreline of Maine, and even though it’s one of many occupied beachfront islands, it has accomplished famous status throughout the years. This island is in huge part because of its long history as a specialists’ settlement, combined with the numerous stories of its solid populace and their lives on this tempest cleared station. There are no vehicles or cleared streets on the island, and all year occupants are for the most part occupied with angling and lobstering.

4. Kennebunkport


The town of Kennebunkport in Maine is by the Kennebunk River and was once known as an angling town. Today it has become a well-known spot to visit by the individuals who are making a beeline for Maine and offers a scope of attractions including its alluring ocean side area for the individuals who are going to unwind and take in an excellent regular environment.

3. Marginal Way

Marginal Way
Marginal Way

For the individuals who love the outside and appreciate taking in regular magnificence, Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine isn’t to be missed. This shocking grand path runs along the shoreline and empowers the individuals who adventure along it to take in mind-blowing surroundings just as the excellence of the fabulous coastline. Running for a little more than a mile, the pathway is famous among vacationers who need to take in the quiet climate just as the common magnificence that they are encompassing by when they stroll along the Marginal Way.

2. Acadia National Park

maine map
The Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is effectively open by the neighboring city of Bar Harbor, Maine. While the entire park isn’t open all year, there are two paths in the Park Loop Road that are accessible paying little mind to the season. Picture a perfect pontoon rolling free in the harbor waters with transcending, lavish mountains encircling the scene. That is only one of a significant number of the ideal shots accessible in Acadia. Delve profound into the core of nature and look skywards to the shelter of trees, or locate your little desert spring on the Atlantic coast. Acadia is the ideal spot for each type of excellence to prosper!

1. Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island
Mount Desert Island

Greater is better in Mount Desert Island, Maine! As the biggest island off the bank of Maine, this area is the corner to corner relentless enjoyment! It is the “jewel of New England” and other high acclaims for its lavish common protection. It incorporates the popular Acadia National Park and stretches for miles of well-looked after magnificence. Indeed, Acadia takes up the biggest bit of the island. That implies there is no deficiency of forest ways to wander through, and enchanting, curious little sea shores toward the end.

Geography and Map of Maine

The Appalachian mountain chain reaches out into Maine from New Hampshire, ending in the north-focal piece of the state at Mount Katahdin—at 5,268 feet Maine’s tallest pinnacle. Quoddy Head, close to Lubec, is the easternmost point in the nation. Caribou is the nation’s northeasternmost city.

The greater part of Maine’s waterway frameworks stream from north to south. The western and northwestern fringes abutting New Hampshire and Quebec have the toughest landscape, with various ice sheet scoured pinnacles, lakes, and limited valleys. In southwestern Maine, soils are framed basically from the rock. Maine has three well-characterized climatic zones. Albeit, all are named damp mainland. Little contrasts exist among the region.

Google Map of Maine

Below we have a google map overview of Maine. You can tell by looking at the map about the rugged coastline and diversity of the state land. It also borders with only one other state in the union.

Google map of Maine
Google Map of Maine

Printable Map of Maine

Here we have the printable map of Maine for your ease. Also, if you wish to print this, you can right-click and open it in a new tab, then press ctrl+P. This is a very easy process to get this printable image.

Printable map of Maine
Printable Map of Maine

Detailed Map of Maine

So, below is the complete map of Maine for your better understanding of the state road system and counties.

Maine detailed map
Image credit: Nation Online Project

Following is the detailed table for your ease in understanding the geography and maps of Maine:

Names Description
Land area 30,862 sq mi. (79,933 sq km)
Number of Counties 16
Geographic Centre In Piscataquis Co.
Elevation 600 ft (180 m)
Population 1.338 million (2018)
The largest county by population Cumberland, 281,674 (2010)
The largest county by area Aroostook, 6,672 sq mi.
State forests 1 (21,000 ac.)
State parks 30+
State historic sites 18 (403 ac.)


In conclusion, visiting Maine allows you to investigate the history, seeing the motivation for Thoreau’s diaries “The Maine Woods” or gain your own experiences. Think about that northern New England state, and quickly coming into view are completely fixed Windjammers, waves breaking against a rugged coast, angling harbors loaded up with bright vessels, beacons, and tall pine trees. Check this article to know more about the Maine rugged map along with interesting facts and stunning attractions.